Monitor Your Constituency, Design Your Own Campaign

Access your local and national politics with a wide range of political knowledge while gathering and managing political data.

  Media Management
  Worker Management
  Voter's and Booth Tracking
  Realtime Surveys & Behavior Analysis
  Events, Contacts & Issue Management


Political Aspirants | Political Leaders | Political Parties

  Print Media Management

  Electronic Media Management

  Social Media Management         Facebook, Twitter, Google + and         Youtube

  Media Support to the visit of Senior          Leaders/ Star Campaigners

  Press Releases

  Press Conference

  Speech Writing

  Slogan Development

  Campaign Material Design

  Development and Printing

  Videos Production

  Socio-economic and political profile          compilation

  Pre poll and post poll scenario by a         reputed think tank followed with         media visibility

  On-the-ground Surveys

  Public Opinion Poll

  Constituency Media Management

  Preception mapping

  Study on party achievements

  Candidate profiling

  Sample survey (internal / external         use)

  Media Management

  Campaigning - road shows,         padyatras, rallies, events etc

  Strategic inputs

  Competition Mapping

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Professional fundraisers know this: always ask for the max. Your prospect has a number in their head. It’s the maximum they are willing to give. What is it? That’s where Aristotle’s deep data mining and powerful algorithms come in.