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Molitics is started with the vision of Empowering Democracy. It tends to provide every citizen of this nation with a platform to raise their voices and concerns. Democracy is all about participation. But the exponential rise in fake news, yellow journalism and paid news have deprived the people from real, authentic and relevant information. In these situations, Molitics is the platform to strengthen the voices of common men and make them an informed citizen.

Team Molitics

  • Anudeep Jaglan
    Founder and Director of Molitics

  • Dr. T.R. Kundu

  • Mr. Naveen

  • Arpita Sinha

  • Sanjla Sindhwani
    General Manager

  • Neeraj Jha
    Editorial Director

  • Karamvir Singh
    Product Manager

  • Rahul
    Sr. Android Developer

  • Irshad
    Creative Editor

  • Varun

  • Abhishek
    Graphic designer

  • Kriti Dheer
    Content Producer

  • Himanshu
    Content Producer

  • Vardhan
    Content Writer

  • Sakshi
    Content Producer

  • Navjot
    Content Writer

  • Aman Singh
    Content Writer

  • Sarvjeet
    Content Writer

  • Soumil
    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Ashish Bajaj
    Digital Marketing Associate

  • Ankit Marhatta
    Digital Marketing Associate

  • Manisha Kumari
    SEO Executive

  • Manisha Singh
    Sr. SEO Executive

  • Anju
    SEO Executive

  • Kamlesh Jha
    PR Manager

  • Naresh Vats
    Data Entry Executive

  • Mayank Singh
    PHP Developer

  • Rishav Raj
    Web Developer

Anudeep Jaglan

CEO Messsage

In the era of fake news and propagandism, Molitics is a step towards minimising the impact of political dogmatism and arrogance of politicians. It is the program to unify the voices, make Politics a regular topic of discussion and hence empower democracy at large.