Our Strategy

We keep it simple and straight. Our strategy is to know the voters, analyze their needs, address them accordingly and build a positive perception amongst the voters.
We dig into the most minute details of the voters/constituency in order to be able to design a strategy that targets even the last man present in the pool of voters.

Building a customized Campaign

Electoral Knowledge Gathering by Data Collection and Data Analysis using the most robust and modern technology in order to be able to design the strategy based on the needs of the voters that best suits the client. Afterwards the intelligence thus gathered is converted in small content packages and are pushed to the voters so as to persuade and educate them according to client’s needs and build the positive reputation of our client.

Monitor Your Constituency

Access your local and national politics with a wide range of political knowledge while gathering and managing political data.

Targeting and Positioning

We at Molitics have immense experience of working with MPs, MLAs and various political parties with respect to Election management, conducting surveys and also strategizing campaigns.

Molitics equip the clients with the full suite of solutions including Communication, Media Management, Taskforce Management, Scheduler, Booth Management and other tools in order to make them knowledgable about the deepest of the details of their constituency and build political strategies accordingly. The innovative Molitics+ Mobile application takes the campaign to new heights by processing contributions anytime, anywhere and then automatically syncing to the campaign’s database. In conjunction with field efforts, a digital campaign is deployed to display targeted display ads, email blasts, and social media appends.


Reputation Building

Success in the elections not only depends on the extent to which you highlight your/your party contributions, strengths and achievements, but also on how you are being perceived by the target people. It means your reputation counts and this is where Molitics can be of great assistance to you/your party. It will help you in devising and implementing a meticulously planned, highly precised and winnable strategy.


With the unique capability to splice and combine multiple sets of donor data, the campaign enables you to use comprehensive donor information to fit your fundraising needs. Campaign Manager’s output is cut into a myriad of different custom formats, manipulating the data to produce lists that help in defining goals, identifying likely donors and targeting untapped donors.


Molitics is the only solution that is an actual partner and not just a vendor. Day or night, weekdays or weekends, it provides the customer service and technical support to its clients and hence enables them to execute the most successful campaign ever. The complete Molitics+ Solution includes an annual software license, 24/7 customer support, data conversion, training and assignment of a dedicated account manager.

Design your own campaign

Public opinion poll, Electronic media management, Content development, Real time survey, Competition mapping, Media management.