Do we all need Modi's 'FIT' Pill?

 30 Aug 2019

There is an old saying "A sound mind lives in a sound body" and so our Prime minister is all set to practice it.

Thursday, 29 August PM Narendra Modi live addressed the whole country and inaugurated the 'FIT India Movement 2019' on the occasion of National Sports Day and the birth ceremony of great sports person Dhyan Chand. With a tribute to him, the ceremony had a grand opening including a FIT India pledge and a presentation including great Indian history of martial arts, dance, and sports. Modi said," technology contributed to a sedentary lifestyle and one should work on his/her body and mental peace".

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So, the Modi mantra for the day was- "Fitness is zero percent investment with infinite return".

Fit India campaign is a need?

If we go through the health status of the country, results will definitely give a shock to all. Lakhs of people got admitted to hospitals in a day with no guarantee of getting full treatment as there is a huge shortage of doctors in India. The graph of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, depression, obesity, heart attack and many more is increasing day by day. Physical activity, athletics, hockey and such sports need more consideration in India. Our busy lifestyle is the result of our bad health and a little change in it can maintain our precious health.   

So, the answer to the question that does such campaign is required that definitely goes with a thumbs up.

Success of 'FIT India Movement 2019'..???

Talking about the success of this latest campaign there are many questions that may strike in the mind of the people i.e. will this campaign be successful? Is this campaign is under Modi's promotional strategy?  

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After seeing the success updation of the earlier campaigns launched by the Modi government, the rate of the success of this new 'FIT India campaign' is again big question mark. But the real picture is yet to come.