Phases of Indo-Pak conflict over Kashmir Issue !!!

 30 Aug 2019

Glimpse of India Pakistan partition in 1947 are still showing its aftereffects till date. At the time of division when 3 princely states-Junagarh, Hyderabad and J&K were disputed; Vallabh Bhai patel with his smartness was able to add Junagarh and Hyderabad in India. Whereas Hari Singh, that time J&K Ruler, kept it as an independent state. Later pakistan attacked Hari Singh’s state and occupied a part of kashmir, at that time Hari Singh raised his consent to merge with India and with International validation J&K became part of India. But due to the disputes J&k was accorded a special status under Article 370

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Now in 2019 when Indian Government removed the special status of J&K the boundaries were shaken inside out. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, criticised it to the fullest and resultant  trade and transportation in between the countries is banned. Moreover Imran Khan have started tagging the J&K of India as IOJK(which stands for India occupied J&K) in his tweets. 

Though the issue is claimed to be the internal affair in between both the countries but the International interference  has been knocking on the door of India Pakistan news since beginning. Pakistan and China cried out loud by the change made on D-Day of J&K. Pakistan clearly opposed to the removal of special status and condemned the unilateral decision taken by the Indian government. And in a statement marked it as ‘illegal step’ and said, “As the party to this international dispute, Pakistan will exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps”. On the other hand China said that decision is ‘not acceptable’ and  Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said  “Recently India has continued to hurt Chinese sovereignty by unilaterally changing domestic law”. 

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On the blasting reactions America intervened and offered to be the mediator but spokesperson  Morgan summed it up by saying "It's something that we've called for calm and restraint by all parties. We want to main peace and stability, and we, of course, support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues of concern,".

But Imran Khan have swore to raise the issue on every International forum and accordingly wrote a letter to the UN. But in G7 Summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi told UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that repeal of Article 370 was India's internal matter and no step has been taken by his government in any way or form to threaten regional peace and stability and have clearly rejected the scope for third party mediation between India and Pakistan. Moreover, the United Nations Security Council appreciated the measures of Modi Government of eradicating article 370 in the Kashmir Valley and states that the steps had been taken in the right direction.

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The situation has turned into a war like conditions; On one hand Pak has deployed their armed forces on the border and on the other India has announced a step against “No First Use” policy of nuclear usage. Pakistan defense news also highlighted the statements of Imra Khan like "I am not using nuclear blackmail, I am using my common sense," or "We appeal to the world if the world does not do anything now, it will have serious consequences" .

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