War: With the State or within the State??

 14 Oct 2020

In last month India have seen many ebbs and flows of politics and power; from Pulwama attack’s painful aftermath to the proud revenge taken by Government to retaliation of Pak and seems to be happy ever after coming back of our Wing Commander Abhinandan. But was it really a gleeful end with the return of Commander ?? For world may be yes; but for India it is more perplexing situation.

Though Balakot strike seems to be hard hitting reply in the face of terrorism but what one can make out as the fact is that terrorism was not made ineffective after the surgical strike 2016 and is happening now after the Air strike. Moreover it gave birth to the proxy-war over the borders and political dissonance inside the country.

In the Kashmir standoff between the 2 countries, India has deployed all the armed forces on the border. It was a week of milestones in between the two countries; as for the first time India bombed Pakistan territory in 5 decades, the biggest attack on Indian Army or the first acknowledged  air-fight between the two nuclear power. India is facing ceasefires from 10 consecutive days. More than 15 security personnels are martyred in last one week. The valley was gripped in the fear and confusion by a slew of unexplained government’s moves and unwanted hustle-bustle on the border. 

In such hypertension on the border another war is started inside the country which is fought by our politicians; those leaders who are supposed to take care of the security forces and civilians were seen getting involved in more politics. For once whole opposition expressed anguish but soon they started showing their colours by accusing each other over the issue. It all started when Randeep Surjewala in a press conference launched a blathering attack on P.M. by saying that “He was busy in shoot” after Pulwama attack on CRPF personnels and accused him for being soft with the Saudi Prince irrespective of the needs of India for open trade with Saudi countries.

Next comes up the Mamata Banerjee who can’t even wait the pilot’s return and targeted government citing the foreign media’s astrayed reports and show her scepticism over the air strike done by our government. Not only this even Ex-CM of Karnataka B.S. Yeddyurappa have directly said “BJP will get political benefit from the Air Strike”. Moreover, a viral video of the P.M. of the country with pilot Ahinandan’s family was found out to be the one targeting public appreciation.

After the completion of strike when government took up the credit twenty-one opposition parties called it ‘blatant politicisation’ of the sacrifices of martyrs and urged government to save the sovereignty of the country and to leave the achievement with the honourable armed forces. But now the same opposition is raising questions over the deaths and success of the Air Strike; they themselves are politicising the issue  considering it a win-win situation for the ruling party. It is very incongruous of the opposition parties speaking up and asking for the evidences alongwith multifarious verbal attacks on the National prestige by questioning the credibility of the Indian Air Force and by mocking the Government of India over the no of deaths inflicted in the said Air Strike inside the nuclear rival Pakistan's territory as a pre-emptive action after  the Pulwama attack and the crystal clear terror production in Pakistan. Now this whole debate takes us on a stage where we as a nation has to decide how far and in what manner do we have to take a stride forward in this regard.