Tamil writer Nellai Kannan provokes Muslims to kill Amit Shah

 25 Sep 2020

This is for the first time in history, that a so-called ‘Scholar/Orator’ has openly called for the murder of a Country’s Home Minister Amit Shah. This really apprises us of the fact that “Intolerance” has really reached to its maximum in India. It seems the scholar is unaware of the fact that, the HM post is a constitutional body and through such provocative statements he is merely displaying his stupidity and parochial mentality.  

On Saturday, in a meeting organized by the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Tamil orator Nellai Kannan said that Home Minister Amit Shah is acting as the brain behind PM Modi and that if his story was 'finished', that of the PM would also be over too. 

The statement made by Kannan, wherein he says, "If his story is finished, then the story of the PM would also be over. I was expecting something to happen, but no Muslim is doing it," goes against national integrity and has all the potential to create a communal clash in the country. The inciting comments from Kannan come at a time when massive protests have rocked the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).  

Intolerance debates are not new in India, especially after the BJP govt has come to power. The opposition, intellectuals, student fraternity, minorities and writers have been continuously writing on how the present Govt has curbed their ‘Right to freedom of Speech and Expression.’

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However, given the recent statement made by the Tamil scholar, none of these sections have come forward to the debate on either intolerance or whether such inciting statements are really required for in, a healthy democracy. Now, questioning the present govt about infringements of basic rights, as per our own convenience, makes the whole thing revolving around ‘Intolerance’, political propaganda.  

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There were anti-CAA protest flare-ups across the country after the Modi Govt introduced the Citizenship Amendment Act. During these protests, we witnessed violence, irresponsible statements by our political leaders, students setting ablaze the public property, and all this compels us to think if our country is marching towards becoming 'Intolerant India.’

How can someone endanger life and property under the garb of their fundamental right? The outrage over the issue, that the CAA excluded minority community, raises an important question, that can these protestors just risk the lives of those fellow Indians with whom they have been living since years, at the cost of those who are still unknown to them and only because the community issue is there.

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Has religion become so important to the Indians, that we can compromise with the peace of the land, just because the Hindu/Muslim term is there? Under the prevailing circumstances, it has become even more difficult to answer to the question, as to who, the Indian Govt or the citizens, have become more intolerant? 

In a democracy, everyone is entitled to their views, but one should never forget the limits. Kannan is popularly known for using abusing language in his speeches which does not amount to decent criticism and is against public tranquility. 

The Tamil Nadu BJP unit has filed a complaint against Nellai Kannan. The police should take strict action against the writer as his remarks are an "open threat to the lives" of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, which amounts to criminal intimidation, and abetment to murder. Meanwhile, the second phase of elections to rural local bodies on Monday ended mostly on a peaceful note. The Tamil Nadu assembly elections will take place in Mid 2021.